1960 born in San Francisco, USA
1966 family relocates to Germany
1979 "Abitur" in Frankfurt/Main
1979-81 assistant to freelance photographer Abisag Tuellmann
1982-89 academic study of photography at Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste
with Prof. Kilian Breier in Hamburg
1984 work as a freelance photographer
1992-2000 campaign photography for Greenpeace
1995 photography of birthing
1998 photography of radio plays (actors photography)
2000/01 series of portraits for the Juedische Allgemeine Zeitung
2001 work for the midwife magazin Hebammenforum
2009 publication of ich habe fulsheimer - dementia patients and their relatives
2010-2013 series of portraits mother and daughter
2014 start of project siblings
2014-2019 exhibition project Women of mathematics throughout Europe.

1984 touring exhibition through Germany: Miner's Strike in Great Britain
1991 Villa Ichon, Bremen: Israel, May 1990
1994 Schlutup, L├╝beck: The Hawesta fishwomen
2004 Nordeutscher Rundfunk, Hamburg: Radio play portraits
2016-2019 Women of mathematics throughout Europe. An unusual insight
into mathematics. A Europaen touring exhibition

sponsored by
2008 book "ich habe Fulsheimer": Alzheimer Society Berlin, Verlagsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst
2014-2016 exhibition project Women mathematicians around Europe: (amongst others)
the Bosch Foundation, the Humboldt Foundation, the Maecenia Frankfurt Foundation